Have you:

A: Done little or no estate planning, leaving your hard earned equity in your property portfolio liable to 40% Inheritance Tax?


B: Taken advice from professionals who can guide you through HMRC approved Landlord Planning so not pay a penny in Inheritance Tax?

Tax planning and estate planning are often those jobs that can stay at the bottom of your to do list, it’s human nature, we put things off we don’t particularly enjoy or want to think about.

I have some good news for you! We have been offering our elegant Landlord Planning Solution for over 20 years. Typical savings are in the £100,000’s or £1M’s.

We achieve this for our clients by reducing potential Stamp Duty, Historic Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax to ZERO!

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Allow us to take the worry away

We are experts in saving Landlords, their loved ones and their beneficiaries significant and totally avoidable Tax liabilities.

At the end of our specialist planning process your entire estate will be free of Inheritance Tax, Historic Capital Gains and potential Stamp Duty in just 3 YEARS!


You have worked hard to build your portfolio. Make sure you and your beneficiaries keep all the value you’ve worked so hard to create

Sadly, with no estate planning in place, when the owner of a property portfolio passes away, often the family are forced to sell large chunks of the portfolio to pay off Inheritance Tax liabilities. Aside from the emotional turmoil this creates for the family, selling properties that are held in probate are particularly challenging!

This is totally avoidable, working with us to get your landlord estate planning in place. Once the work is done, you continue to enjoy the income from your portfolio, safe in the knowledge that it will transfer seamlessly to your beneficiaries and completely Tax efficiently to your beneficiaries.


Let us worry about your tax while you take care of your properties

Think back to why you started your career in property investment. Provide an income for life? Alternative to a pension? Secure the financial future for you and your family? Building a profitable property portfolio is one of the most rewarding and satisfying investments you can make. It takes skill, determination, common sense and sometimes pure luck!

And… a trusted team of professionals to provide specialist support. We use our intimate knowledge of estate planning, HMRC regulations and Trust Law to offer our very specialised Professional Landlord Planning Solution. Invite us into your team and we will find the most tax efficient plan, minimising your tax liabilities, often to zero!

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Will it work for you?

If you have 4 of more properties in your portfolio with a gross annual income of £25k per annum or more, then you may be eligible for this planning.

We will do an initial feasibility review and tell you up front if this plan will work for you and what the potential savings will be.

Get started with your estate planning

Clients tell me how relieved they feel once their estate planning is in place - it’s one less thing to worry about. So get in touch and don’t put it off any longer!