Putting your estate plans in place is a way to extend the love and care you have for your family. It will make a difficult time, much easier.

Dying without a valid Will means your estate will be fully or partially ‘Intestate’. ‘Intestate’ estates take longer to settle, cost more to administer, are open to unwanted legal challenges. They generally make an already difficult time much harder for those you leave behind.

Take the first step by contacting Shropshire Wills today. Our friendly and professional service will make the process simple and your Will can be ready within 2 weeks.

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Why use a Will Writer instead of a Solicitor?

Will Writers (or Estate Planners) are professionals who are trained to prepare and write legal documents including Wills, Will Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorney. They are highly training specialists in Will Writing and Estate Planning. Regulation is the Will writing industry is voluntary and Shropshire Wills are proud to be an accredited member of The Society of Will Writers.


Can I write my own Will?

In theory, it is possible to legally write your own Will. Just like it is possible for people to represent themselves in a divorce or other legal proceedings.

Why is this not a good idea? Well, unless you know exactly what you are doing, mistakes can have big consequences. A mistake can make your Will invalid or have unintended accidental results. Solicitors are a great option, however, they are not always specialists in estate planning and they will typically charge higher fees.

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So why come to a professional Legacy Planner / Estate Planner / Will Writer?

Well, at Shropshire Wills, all we do is Estate Planning. We are passionate about Will Writing and Estate Planning – we have chosen to specialise in this important aspect of legal planning services.

We have regular ongoing Professional Training & Development, specifically around the legislation and processes to do with preparing the legal documentation relevant to Estate Planning.


At Shropshire Wills, we eat, sleep and breathe Estate Planning, so we are experts in our field.


We typically charge less than solicitors, we offer fixed prices, will never charge for hidden extras. And… we can visit you in your home.

Shropshire Wills Legacy Planners (Will Writers) are highly training and understand which legal activities they can do themselves as a professional Estate Planner; and which activities are “restricted”* and so need to be carried out by a special lawyer.
*Restricted activities need to be carried out by a specialist in that area, so for these we use our network of trusted legal specialists.

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What is ‘Estate Planning’? More than a just a Will…

Many people will come to us and ask for a Will. We always offer the time to explain other elements of Estate Planning. If your estate will incur Inheritance Tax, or you are concerned about Care Fees, we offer Trust solutions. If you wish to pre-pay and arrange your Funeral, we can offer this also. If you want to stay in control by appointing an ‘attorney’ to help you manage your affairs while you are alive, we can do this for you.

If you simply want a Will, we will of course be delighted to do this for you. But we will also offer you enough time to get to know your circumstance, to ensure that you are making informed decisions about what you need.


What happens if I die without a Will?

If you die without a Will, your estate falls under rigid rules called “Intestacy”.

In short, the first £270,000 would go to your spouse/civil partner. ‘Common Law’ or other partners are NOT taken into account. Any further inheritance would be split 50/50 between your spouse/civil partner and your children, giving all children an equal share.

Problems occur if the home is worth over £270,000 and the (adult) children decide they want their share of the inheritance – they can force the sale of the family home, even if your spouse is still living there.


Fact check: Some things about Wills that you may not know…

Did you know…

…if you die without a Will and have remarried, your children from a previous marriage may end up with nothing?

Did you know…

…if you die without a Will, your ‘common law’ partner will be entitled to nothing?

There are many more situations that mean people you would like to inherit receive nothing.

  • If you are in a relationship but are not married/not in a civil partnership
  • If you have stepchildren
  • If you are remarried and have children from a previous marriage
  • If you are in the middle of a divorce

Make a Will – make your intentions clear and legally binding. Ensure that your assets go to whoever you want them to. NOT what the law dictates.


How much does a Will cost?

Our prices are fixed, with no hidden extra costs. Single Wills start from £150, Mirror Wills (includes 2 Wills, for a couple) from £250 and £150 for a Living Will. For more complex planning, fees are explained in full during the initial consultation, up front.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, it is possible to write your own will and you will also find offers for ‘free’ or very low cost Wills. Beware these options. It’s easy to make mistakes and some “free” Will Writing services include later fees of up to 6% of your entire estate value.

Pay a fair price now with Shropshire Wills – we have no hidden charges.


How long does it take to write a Will?

If you have a urgent need to write your will, we will prioritise you. Normally, we will have your Will ready for you within 2 weeks.

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Covid 19 concerns

Due to the current situation, meetings are now available in zoom or a preferred video calling service. Face-to-face meetings are still available but can only occur in driveways and social distancing will be properly maintained throughout the meeting

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