I know what you are thinking!


Why would I pay someone to write down who gets my belongings when I am no longer here?

Let me be clear here; it is entirely possible to write your own Will. Writing your own Will is legally binding and can be straightforward…

…if you do it correctly.

You can buy kits online for less than £20. Making it cheap and fast, which can be a good option for certain people in certain circumstances. For example, DIY kits can work well for young, single people who have no children.


The issues

Unfortunately, if a mistake is made then the  Will is invalid. The most common mistake is made at the ‘signing’ of the Will – known as the attestation – if you get this wrong, your DIY Will is not legally binding.

At the attestation stage, the person who has written the Will (‘Testatrix’ or ‘Testator’) must ensure that the document is signed in the presence of two witnesses. All three people must be in the same room at the same time. The witnesses must be over 18, and they cannot be beneficiaries of the Will.

Other, simple errors could lead to either the whole Will or parts of it being invalid. Which has the same effect as leaving no will at all. Potentially plummeting family members into feuds while they are grieving.


Woman crying with grief


In short, there is a reason why Will Writer’s like myself write Wills for a living. Trained to a high level and very experienced. We know the pitfalls, and we know the specific clauses to include (or exclude) for all situations. We eat, breathe and sleep Will Writing (that sounds really sad, but true!) and our job is to ensure each Will is legally binding and achieves what you want.

My driving passion is that I get to give absolute peace-of-mind. I know that when my clients leave me, they have a document that is completely fit for purpose.


Getting a professional


Writing your own Will is a bit like arranging your own divorce.

It is possible, but not advisable. Make a mistake and it could cost you, or your loved ones dearly. The more complicated your estate (your wishes), the less advisable it is to do a DIY Will. Fortunately, you can get a legally valid Will from a professional Will Writer like myself, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional High Street solicitor.


Know who to trust

When choosing your professional Will Writer, Mike Pugh, (founder of Maplebrook Wills) suggests that you ask a fundamental question: “Do they prepare the documents themselves, or do they send them away? If they prepare the documents themselves, they’re probably more switched on and will do a decent job.”


A trusted brand

The Will Writers at Maplebrook Wills have been accredited as highly trained specialists and have written hundreds of wills. We know the exact wording to use for your circumstances, so you can have confidence that your assets will get passed on precisely as you intend. We have a robust two-stage compliance system in place, so each Will is quality checked firstly within our system, then by our (human) compliance team.



No need for you to come to us. At Maplebrook Wills, we come to you at your home, at a convenient time. We offer online and telephone appointments when this is not possible (lockdown, etc). We will discuss your needs in detail before drawing up the document, returning it to you when it’s ready to sign.


The process takes around two weeks from start to finish and typically involves no more than two hours of your time in total.


For more information, contact Maplebrook Wills Shropshire on 01743 583213 or 01952 913178 or email helen.esslemont@maplebrookwills.co.uk