To work out whether this applies to you, let’s first ask what is a lasting power of attorney (LPA)? Then explore what circumstances would mean it’s a no-brainer to get one sorted.
There are two different types of LPA; you can have one or the other or both depending upon your wishes.

Property and Financial affairs

This one is about managing money and property and can be used straight away with your permission. If you needed someone to manage your bank account and bills or to sort out selling your home, then this would be the one for you. For example, if you cannot manage your bank account and bills, this type of LPA ensures someone can act on your behalf dealing with these matters.

Health and Welfare

This one is around you and your personal environment, and your nominated attorney can only use it if you lose mental capacity. If you need medical care, supported housing or life-sustaining treatment, your appointed attorney would be able to make the best decisions for you.

Proving that someone has lost mental capacity is a strict process; this is done through evaluation by an experienced healthcare professional.
If you end up in this position without an LPA in place, then your loved ones will face an expensive and complicated process applying to the courts to be able to make decisions on your behalf. This process takes months to resolve, which can have an extremely detrimental effect on your welfare in the meantime. Having a well written LPA in place means that once there is a problem support can be put in place by the attorney(s). It also means that you will have discussed your wishes in certain eventualities with the people who will be responsible for upholding them.

My clients feel that they have some more security about the future because they will have put their faith in their most trusted relatives or friends. Knowing that if they become unable to make decisions for themselves in the future, then these decisions will be in the power of people who know and love them. By registering an LPA, you give those you trust the most the authority to act on your behalf.

Mable’s Story

For example, when Mable was sadly diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s we wrote her combined LPA appointing her son and daughters as the attorneys. She knew that whatever happened in the long run, she would be looked after by those that love her most. I was able to talk through her options, her son, as part of her COVID support bubble, visited Mable and we discussed over video call the direction she would like to take. As the document was finalised, I visited her Telford home (taking all necessary precautions) so that Mable could sign it. I personally make a point of facilitating the process with the least amount of disruption possible. I am happy to talk over the phone, via video or I will visit in person. Shropshire and Telford is my home, and I take pride in serving my community here.
Here at Maplebrook Wills Shropshire we are experienced in supporting you to make the best decision for you and your circumstances. Ensuring with high-quality work that your Lasting Power Attorney is fit for purpose when you have the greatest need.

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